About usWe are a multinational; a registered Limited Liability Company which commenced business in Nigeria in October, 2008 with her registered offices located at Central Business District, Abuja and Virginia Beach, USA. We understand that as a nation ages, the prevalence of disability, frailty, and chronic diseases increase dramatically. Thus the risk of these diseases and disabilities increase with advancing age, poor health is not an inevitable consequence of aging. We have therefore, made available a wide selection of quality, durable medical equipments and supplies to help our communities and nation at large, slow down the onslaught of these diseases/disabilities. Americare provides its clients with first class state-of-the-art Medical equipment and Consumables for the improvement of the overall well-being of our populace. Our products consisting of the following group of equipments: Dental, Optical, Surgical, Laboratory, Diagnostics, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Therapeutic, Mobility devices and A – Z Medical Consumables etc.


Vision & Mission Picture


To distinguish our self as a leader in redefining the medical equipment supply industry by consistently delivering innovative, durable, reliable, and cost effective medical products and services to our healthcare industry. Our Vision is simple – no compromise to life in spite of cost.


To accomplish our vision by always being at service for the wellbeing and healthy lifestyle of our communities through our core values.


Our Values pictureOur vision of excellence and leadership is driven by its core values:
1. Achieve the state of excellence which becomes the benchmark of industry practice. 
2. Apply quality management and leadership principles to foster continued employee development. 
3. Treat every of our customer the same with respect and dignity. 
4. Meet the need of every customer that comes to us.
5. Achieve a competition return for our customers.
6. Pursuit towards a gracefully aging society.
7. Strive for improvement day in , day out in everything we do.


1. To identify the current states of the hospitals in our communities through assessment. This provides us with a picture of their medical equipment needs; through collaboration with doctors and other healthcare givers, we can work to improve our healthcare system. 
2. We have made several efforts to prevent the use of inferior, malfunctioning and obsolete medical equipment. We offer trainings on the use of innovative, effective and durable equipment, with the understanding that an investment in wellness is the best investment for our shared future. 
3. We provide educational classes and materials with compassion, cultural/religious sensitivity and in a patient focused manner. For the elderly and disabled, we are particularly passionate knowing that only time separates one from aging and that disability is not by choice 
4. Generating and disseminating knowledge on how to prevent the ravages of aging and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. 
5. Through our NGO, we partner with community organizations to improve the health of those in rural areas and the less privileged ones. We donate funds and necessary equipments such as mobility devices and other medical consumables as the case may be in these communities. 
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